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Cuthroat Exhaust System

HI Kevin!

Well, the system works perfectly. I note that I have an HP improvement, you can really feel it… And the sound is too pretty.

I compare it with some Borla exhaust and my Cuthroat works better and sounds better. And with the advantage that when I want to be silenced, I can do it. The Borla system of my Friends bored them when they want to keep silenced on long trips…

      1. Got more HP (do not know how much exactly)
      1. Got better sound by far vs Borla system)
      1. You can put it in mute whenever you want)


2014 Dodge V8 Pickup exhaust system

I have a 1989 IROCZ 5.7 litter 100% stock. When you have a muscle car you want it to sound like a muscle car!! My NASCAR didn’t sound like a NASCAR. I was looking at mufflers, tips and cut out options. I didn’t want to put mufflers and tips in because I didn’t know if it would be the right loudness and I didn’t want to repeatedly cut on my baby over and over again. I needed to find something that would take one time to install and give me the sound I was looking for. So I knew I only wanted to cut on my car 1 time. I wanted to straight pipe it with the option of making it super loud and can switch it back to stock sounding because my dad started me in to muscle cars, and he is getting older and can’t take the loud straight pipes like he used to, so I was looking at cutouts with a cable that would open and close the straight pipe with a push of a button/switch that would be inside of the car but it was very complicated and very expensive to get that setup. I happen to run into a video on YouTube Cuthroat Cutout and Kevin the designer of a cutout pipe that had all the answers to my problems. It was very affordable and easy to install myself, with the option of super nasty loud straight pipe or back to stock sounding with plates that are changeable. One plate insert will make your car 100% straight pipe, and the other plate insert will make your car sound like u didn’t do anything to it back to stock sounding. The best part is you can change the plates under 3mins, its 4 simple bolts u take out and put the plate you want in and that’s it. I contacted Kevin directly and he responded back asap. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Shipped super fast!! It took 20 min’s to install. The quality of the pipe is great, it’s stainless steel, and will last as long as the car will. The pipe is shaped just like a regular pipe not big and bulky and doesn’t hang down under the car, doesn’t scrap when going over speed bumps. I feel the difference in HP when it’s straight pipe, it’s a rocket! And it sounds great. The sound I was dying for. Thanks Kevin I have my NASCAR NOW with the option that would allow my father to enjoy it just as much as I do!!!


Before installation of Cuthroat Exhaust Cutout
After installation of Cuthroat Exhaust Cutout
iroc Z

I got them today. Look great. I have built several novas. Just sold a 10-second nova. I had another 64 nova that was a 9-second car. My current nova is a street car.

Russ W.

1964 Chevy Nova 383 Stroker Motor. Cuthroats installed

Ford Mustang 5.0 from LionBuilt Motorsports

F150 Eco-Boost With the new Cuthroat Exhaust Cutout

Hi Kevin, I was able to get my Challenger to the track today for testing! Had to wait awhile to get some upgraded parts for the rear end. At my low boost street setting of 12 psi, I gained 3 tenths and 5 mph with the cutouts open!! I gained a little boost when opening the cutouts also. I’m going to try some more boost next time out, should get a personal best! Thanks

Rich G.

Turbo Challenger with Cuthroats installed in exhuast before install
Turbo Challenger with Cuthroats installed on the car 01 1