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Revolutionary Exhaust Cutout

The Highest Performing – Best Flowing
Low Profile 304 SS Exhaust Cutout

Cuthroat Exhaust Systems

Introduces the Ultimate Free-Flowing Exhaust Cutout,
Which Eliminates Turbulence and Restriction, Freeing up Horsepower!

Cuthroat Exhaust Systems was conceived 7 years ago, when two lifelong, gear head entrepreneurs got together and wondered what they could do to improve the classic, yet somewhat archaic exhaust cutout. We discovered that the current design, while creating turbulence and restriction, only gave a partial flow to the atmosphere, while giving some additional noise for the enthusiast’s enjoyment. Also, we believed that we could come up with a better design that would be much more efficient than what we feel is the current standard, a controlled exhaust leak.

It all started with a garage based startup. Every prototype (and there were many) were hand built in the pictured small shop. We believe that in the United States of America, if you want to work hard and believe in your dream, that you have the opportunity to succeed. Cuthroat Exhaust Systems have worked hard to reach this point and hope that our designs will be of benefit to those who share our love for awesome exhaust sounds!

Why Cuthroat Exhaust Cutout

The Cuthroat Cutout, exceeds the performance of any competitor’s cutout design! Including electric systems.

check mark It’s durable. All components are made from 304 Stainless Steel.

check mark It’s low-profile: Protrudes less than 1” off the main pipe, for the lowest profile vehicles

check mark No butterflies to leak and stick open at the most inopportune time. No gears to strip or electric motors to burn out.

check mark It provides turbulence free breathing. The track insert redirects 100% of the flow into the atmosphere, while the street insert reforms the exhaust pipe to provide turbulence free flow to the muffler, as if the cutout did not exist!

check mark Want to make the most horsepower possible without dropping your entire exhaust? Install the Cuthroat Cutout!

The beauty of the Cuthroat Exhaust Cutout is that it is compact, low profile and it may be clamped or welded virtually anywhere on your vehicles exhaust system! It can be easily adapted to fit 2 1/4 – 2 1/2 inch exhausts. 2 3/4 inch exhaust easily slip fits into the Cuthroat Cutout’s 3 inch diameter.

You can install the ultimate exhaust flow onto any vehicle:

check mark Classic cars
check mark Muscle cars
check mark Tuner cars
check mark Turbo-charged & Super-charged vehicles
check mark Off Road Vehicles

check mark Pickups
check mark Race cars and trucks
check mark Import cars
check mark Corvettes
check mark Compact cars


Unlike the traditional Y pipe and butterfly style exhaust diverters, the Cuthroat Exhaust Cutout uses precision inserts to smooth and guide the exhaust flow for ultimate horsepower gains!

This patent pending design produces:

Full horsepower potential
By allowing 100% unrestricted exhaust flow

100% turbulence free exhaust flow
– in any mode, unlike our competition

Incredible sound you can actually hear!
Let’s you and everyone else hear your motor, not your muffler

Get your Cuthroat Exhaust Cutout

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We Guarantee You Will LOVE the Cuthroat Exhaust Cutout!

* Free shipping valid for standard shipping & handling anywhere in the continental United States.