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Cuthroat Exhaust System

It’s Easy To Install

Unlike our competitors, where you need to locate enough room for installation, the Cuthroat Cutout installs in as little as 8 inches of your exhaust pipe. Try that with any of our competition!

Note: Always use adequate vehicle support during installation. Always use eye/hand protection. Cuthroat Exhaust Systems highly recommends using a qualified exhaust shop for your installation needs.

Installation is pretty straight forward. Find the area in your exhaust system where you desire to have the Cuthroat Cutout located. Use the appropriate tool to section out the length of pipe that corresponds to the final length you desire the Cuthroat Cutout to be. Remember unlike our competition, the Cuthroat Cutout can be shortened to fit in a narrower section of the exhaust. As long as the insert flange area is not disturbed, it can be shortened down considerably. Depending on the application, either quality exhaust clamps or welding can be used to secure the Cuthroat Cutout. A qualified exhaust shop can be a great help in installing exhaust cutouts. On catalytic converter equipped vehicles, we recommend installing it as close as possible after the catalytic converter. Just be sure to always install your Cuthroat Cutout after the last oxygen sensor, so your emissions system can work as designed. On non catalytic converter equipped vehicles, we suggest you take the time to learn the science of header collector extensions. We believe that placed correctly, the Cuthroat Cutout could be beneficial in adding additional torque.

Torque Specifications: 15 to 18 foot pounds of torque is all that is needed to ensure sealing and securing your Track or Street insert in place. Over torquing the bolts will void the warranty.

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  • It cannot be out flowed by any butterfly valved competitor!
  • It has no moving parts to fail!
  • You can quickly return back to your original exhaust flow and sound, turbulence free!
  • It is made from 100% 304 stainless steel for the ultimate strength in coastal or humid areas
  • Installs on low profile cars where others can’t!
  • Take advantage of the increased exhaust flow our competition can’t offer!