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About us

Cuthroat Exhaust Systems was conceived 7 years ago, when two lifelong, gear head entrepreneurs got together and wondered what they could do to improve the classic, yet somewhat archaic exhaust cutout.

We discovered that the current design, while creating turbulence and restriction, only gave a partial flow to the atmosphere, while giving some additional noise for the enthusiast’s enjoyment. We believed that we could come up with a better design that would be much more efficient than what we feel is the current standard, a controlled exhaust leak.


We are truly a garage based startup. Every prototype (and there were many) were hand built in the pictured small shop. We believe that in the United States of America, if you want to work hard and believe in your dream, that you have the opportunity to succeed. We have worked hard to reach this point and hope that our designs will be of benefit to those who share our love for awesome exhaust sounds!

We have other designs on the drawing board that we believe will be of great benefit to the automotive enthusiast and can’t wait to bring them forward. We are starting with what we believe is the ultimate manual exhaust cutout and hope it will be received well, and will allow us to go forward with the next segments of our product line.