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If you’re not 100% satisfied with the quality of your Cuthroat Cutout, simply return it to us within 90 days of purchase and in the condition you received it, for a 100% no questions asked refund!

Cuthroat Exhaust Systems offers a limited lifetime warranty for the Cuthroat Compact Exhaust Cutout body and track and street inserts, against manufacturing defects and workmanship under normal operating conditions, from the time that it was installed on the original purchaser’s vehicle and is still owned by the original purchaser. If a defect in the workmanship or materials is found by Cuthroat Exhaust Systems, we will repair, replace or refund the purchase price only at our discretion. It must be accompanied by the original receipt, or proof of purchase.

In most states, bypassing the emissions and exhaust systems is illegal. The Cuthroat Compact Exhaust Cutout is designed and intended for sanctioned racing events only. It is up to the purchaser to use in a responsible way.

Any time you alter the original exhaust system, various electronic sensors and systems can be affected on some vehicles. Please take this into consideration and planning before installation.

Cuthroat Exhaust Systems will not be responsible for the cost of Installation or removal of any product or sending/return shipping costs, unless agreed to by Cuthroat Exhaust Systems. Additionally Cuthroat Exhaust Systems will not be responsible for additional parts cost or labor costs associated with the installation or removal of any of our products or warrantied products.

Cuthroat Exhaust Systems will not be responsible for damage resulting from, nature, corrosive substances, improper installation, modification, alteration, abuse, misuse, misapplication, outside sources, extreme heat or cold, commercial vehicle use, installation on a racing vehicle, damage from accidents, road debris, scratching or denting, item’s already installed on the vehicle, cutting, welding, or backfire.

Cuthroat Exhaust Systems does not assume any responsibility for injury, or consequential damage from installation of this product. Always use adequate lifting and support devices. Please use the utmost caution in keeping adequate clearance for brake lines, fuel lines, any part of the floor pan etc. Purchaser is responsible for the safe use and application of this product. Remember all parts of the exhaust system get and stay very hot from/during running. Take all precautions to keep from being injured. Always be aware of the direction your exhaust is exiting and take that into consideration when installing.

Torque Specifications: The Bolts used to secure the Track and Street inserts do NOT need to be torqued excessively. 15 to 18 foot pounds of torque is sufficient to seal and hold the inserts in place. Any over torquing of the bolts causing damage to the threads, will result in the loss of warranty.

Stainless steel exposed to the environment may stain over time. This includes the appearance of “rust” upon it. This stain or rust is not the stainless steel material, which Cuthroat Exhaust Systems uses for their stainless steel cutouts. It is material introduced from the environment. This includes salt, dirt, moisture, fertilizer, debris, engine fluids, contaminants from welding during installation etc. Also deep scratching or denting can affect the stainless steels ability to be anti-corrosive. Periodically check your Cuthroat Compact Exhaust Cutout body and its inserts, for contaminates and clean off any that are found. If brushing, only use a stainless steel material. Following these simple directions will lead to many years of satisfactory appearance.

Neglecting to clean and maintain the Cuthroat Compact Exhaust Cutouts internal and external body and inserts will void any and all warranties.

If you have a warrantable product return, please notify Cuthroat Exhaust Systems by email and a RMA number will be issued. We will not warranty any product without an RMA number.

If an item has been damaged during shipping, please notify the shipping company.

If any dispute arises concerning the warranty, the parties agree that California law applies and agree to arbitrate any disputes over warranty in order to resolve matters.

This warranty is strictly limited to the terms and conditions listed above and these represent the complete warranty. No other liability is assumed by Cuthroat Exhaust Systems.